‘Good things happen when you meet strangers..’

And from the moment you book with us you begin a whimsical journey from stranger to friend.

Mark & Brooke

‘We had an amazing time with Kristy and Richard! I wanted to have candid pictures of my proposal and they planned everything perfectly. They sent me a video showing me exactly where to go, when would be the best time to propose, and how we would get the pictures without my girlfriend knowing. They even had a plan A, B, and C in case there were any problems with weather or tourists or anything else. After getting amazing pictures of the proposal they spent all day with us taking us all around the area to unbelievable spots where we got incredible pictures. They were the friendliest people ever and they have THE CUTEST puppy Bella. We spent all day with them and had a wonderful time. We are so happy with the pictures and will be forever grateful for their amazing talent. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to get pictures taken in Scotland’ - Mark | Tennessee

Clara & Andy

‘I can’t say enough good things about Kristy and Richard! They were very professional, funny, accommodating, and talented and we had the best time running around the highlands with them! We thoroughly enjoyed all of the historical tidbits and finding out where the most beautiful spots are. And on top of all of that, we got the most gorgeous pictures to remember the beautiful day by! We would absolutely recommend a day with these two not just for the beautiful photographs but for the whole fun experience!’ - Clara | Alabama

Matylda Konecka

‘I've booked my photo session with Kristy in February. I came to Scotland to spend the day in Glencoe with Kristy, Richard and their camera :) It was great and professional photo-shoot, Kristy took me into few locations, she was very cheerful and relaxed- it really helped me to feel comfortable in front of the camera. We had a lot of laughter together, everything felt so easy and natural. It was a great trip and an adventure. I ended up with a pile of good photos and a great memories :) I highly recommend Kristy!’ - Matylda | Manchester

Maggie Geha

'I spent a very long day in the highlands in Scotland with Kristy and Richard and it was hands down one of the most fun and beautiful days of my life! Kristy’s images look almost fake because they’re so stunningly otherworldly but they couldn’t be more authentic. She knows the land so well and therefore captures it from unique and challenging angles and she chases the light and elements tirelessly. Richard is a jack of all trades, taking perfect care of literally everything else. I learned so much from them and grew to love them both in just one very full day. The icing on the cake is the photos I have to remember it all that I will cherish forever! I cannot recommend Kristy Ashton photography enough!' ~ Maggie | Los Angeles

The Olssen family

'We had such an amazing experience with Kristy and Richard in the highlands! I’m definitely coming back for more stunning photos and adventures with K&R! You need to book these guys yesterday!' ~ Isa | Sweden

Jeff Bradford

‘What initially caught my Eye was the light, at first I called a beautiful picture, now I call it whimsical. Kristy and Rich mission in life is built on passion. It’s something words cannot be described, but must be felt in person. Then with a flash of the camera and that moment engraved for a lifetime, this statement will make absolute sense. My experience with them was amazing passion, compassion, a lot of humour, and a whimsical style that was one of the best personal experiences I had while travelling the world this year. You will leave this experience calling Kristy and Richard, friends.’ Jeff | Beer, Wine and Spirits

Ashley & Dan

'Kristy and Richard are incredible people! This may be their job but is not work for them. It's like hanging out with your friends but getting epic photos of it. They capture who you are, not what you look like when you pose for a photo. Kristy is a truly talented photographer with a great eye.

We had a blast hanging out with them and these photos are just so great that if I hadn't been there I wouldn't believe it was me in them' ~ Dan | Vermont

Beat & Suwi

‘We booked Kristy for an after Wedding shooting with our wedding dress and suit. First of all, the photos are phenomenal. Kristy and Richard took their time to find us some magical places at the weekend before our arrival. We start our shooting day very early to catch the best light. Kristy and Richard are well prepared for the shootings in Scotland with some tea/coffee/sandwich and a second warm jacket. We enjoyed the whole day. It was a pleasure to meet them and we can recommend Kristy to everyone who loves great photos.' Beat | Switzerland

Sophie & Thomas

‘Kristy and Richard are a lot of fun to work with. They are always smiling and searching for the best conditions for their photo shoot: light, background, colors, reflections, the places we went to with them were absolutely magical. I cannot recommend them enough’ ~ Thomas | Edinburgh

Cheryl & Barry

' Kristy's work say's it all! I have followed her photography for a long time and was very excited, if not a little nervous about stepping in front of the lens. Kristy made the whole experience so relaxed and a lot of fun for us both, even on an icy cold February morning! We knew we were in safe hands though as she had a back up plan in the wings which took us to locations in Scotland we would otherwise have never experienced. To say we were both over the moon with the finished shot's is an understatement. I would highly recommend Kristy as your photographer!!' ~ Barry | Dundee

Eirinn & Joe

'Kristy and Rich are AMAZING! We had so much fun with them - we couldn't stop laughing the entire day and had an absolutely amazing time. The photos are the most incredible pictures and everyone raves about our wedding photos! We HIGHLY recommend Kristy. It will be a very fun experience and your photos will come out BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Kristy and Rich!' - Eirinn | New York

Shahbaz Majeed

'I commissioned Kristy to capture some publicity shots of me in Glen Coe after seeing her portfolio and the previous examples of her work. The plan/communications leading up to the day covered everything and the day itself was such a blast and I very much enjoyed the experience and more importantly the images. Thank you to Kristy & Richard for an amazing experience - I can't wait for another adventure in future!' ~ Shahbaz | Dundee

Abbey & Susan

Kristy is a wonderful photographer. From wonderous back drops or chosen favourite places, she will create your portrait in her own unique "sun chaser" style.  Kristy is a fantastic person to have taking your picture, extremely patient and precise, even with the shyest of people' ~ Susan | Perth

Jennifer & Mike

'Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you to both of you!  These photos have made me so happy!  Now I get to treasure our Scotland trip forever through these pictures.  Kristy, you have such a gift and thank you for sharing your artistry with us.  Thank you Kristy and Rich for a magical highlands adventure!' ~ Jennifer | New England

Molly & Chase

' I spent an evening at golden hour and the following morning and afternoon in highlands with Kristy and Richard and it was so much fun - definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Scotland! I’m from the US and was visiting Scotland for the first time, so I wanted to be able to bring photographs home that truly captured the beauty of the highlands, and I was not disappointed! During my time spent with Kristy and Richard, I laughed the entire day because they were so much fun to be around. They knew the land so well and Kristy was able to capture it from the best angles in the best light to really showcase the landscape and the depth of the mountains in a way that is unparalleled. I am in awe every time I look at the photos. Kristy and Richard worked so well as a team and thought of everything we may need, always making sure we were comfortable and warm. It was like we were given a personal tour to some of the most beautiful locations in Scotland that not everyone gets to see, and now I have the photos that captured it all so well; I’m taken back to those moments every time I look at them. I cannot recommend Kristy Ashton photography highly enough! '  ~ Molly | Pennsylvania

Ben Ward

I did a shoot with Kristy in Glencoe, something I was very nervous about, I'm not massively keen on being in front of a camera but the thought of having a picture of me in a place where I love was too much of a pull, Kristy did all the research and told me the best day to go, upon meeting her she instantly out me at ease, and by the time we got to taking my photo I was laughing and joking and that massively came out in the finished photo, Kristy is meticulous and every angle is covered to make sure I got something I was 100% happy with, I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone, wether it be a person in landscape as I now know it to be or wedding photos, I now have a very special photo in the place that makes me happy, and that's entirely down to Kristy! Oh and remember the light!!!' ~ Ben | Falkirk

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