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In with the Auld…

Some of you may have noticed that we are ‘re-branding?!’ We have decided to retire the ‘Koala’ and move towards a logo befitting our style of photography. Romanticism is new again or is that auld? A lot of soul searching.. and red wine, went into the decision to gently ease out the slumbering marsupial and become a proper, cuddly toy free company.. like adults.. that make sheep insta-stories! We feel that this new style reflects more who we are ‘together’, a partnership doing what we love to do.

We hope that you all love it too?

Shahbaz in the Elite


There was a little bit of reflected glory from a recent article in the press last week. Our great friend and inspirational mentor, Shahbaz Majeed claimed a new title to add to his multi award winning mantelpiece. He is the only Scot to be chosen to feature in the prestigious O Elite Photography gallery and according to the feature is now one of the ‘’s leading snappers’. We love that title... forget his famous images that adorn the £5 note or his iconic Scottish Landscape Images... it is official, it says so in the paper.... Shahbaz is a ‘snapper’ and that just gives us more enthusiasm to aspire to his greatness!? See more on this story here.

Meet Matylda Konecka

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Last month we met Matylda Konecka and her partner Paul in Glencoe. Matylda is a super talented artist and Illustrator from Poland, now based outside Manchester.

This was a collaboration made in fantastical heaven.. and she not only knew what ‘whimsical’ meant but could actually paint it... and her wonderful little characters had a journey north to the Highlands. We love working with such talented, like-minded creatives, not only because we love to #makegoodart but also because we can take selfies with artwork in galleries and gift shops... and proudly say that we are friends of the artist!

*Sidenote: Richard did once take a photo of the ‘Beer, Wine and Spirits’ aisle in TESCO.. but apparently that doesn’t count... sorry Jeff!

To view Matylda’s collection of work click here

Hello Living Magazine

Great to see our story featured in LIVING magazine!

Learn a little bit more about the story of Koala, her famous relative and how photography changed our lives.

 Jeff Bradford meets us!

The day we introduced Jeff Bradford to the Highlands. Take a look at his interview with Kristy for the Valuetainment Channel.. Beer, Wine and Spirits.