Isle of Arran

A 'holiday' in Arran

So..  'man in black'..  'carrier of the tripod'.. 'driver of the bus'  .. what is it today?  What adventure does the Koala have in store for me?  Well folks, today we’re on the beautiful Isle of Arran, the seventh largest in Scotland and the largest in the Firth of Clyde.  Only 5000 people live here and it is commonly known as ‘Scotland in Miniature’ because of its diversity of landscape.  Epic beaches give way to rolling hills that are overshadowed by rugged mountains.  Castle .. clans and vikings.. whisky and highland cows.  Mary Queen of Scots probably too!

I was supposed to be a guide to this island and so it began.. as I strapped the tripod once more to the rucsac with that familiar feeling of resignation.  ‘Of course.. this trip is a break.. even a holiday’ said Koala.  I even believed the sentiment. ‘ ..we don’t even have to get the camera out.. no pressure at all!’ said Koala.  I still believed her as we drove off the ferry.