Adventures with Koala

I was chosen.

Koala needed a guide to take her into the mountains for photographs.... landscapes.  Scottish landscapes.

She is not from these parts, she is of the Australian breed. Unfamiliar with the intricacies of mountains.. hills and weather.. Scottish weather!  Oh and anything slippy.  Koalas don’t have mountain legs.. or balance... I would learn.

Richard in Arran.jpg

I applied.  I love photography and Koala takes quite a good shot.  I can boast training... military training.. mountains and stuff..

‘Can you carry a rucsac?’  Yes..  I was chosen but it was a short list.  I smiled.  Adventure awaited.  Glen Coe forged us.. I was on the team!

‘You have an eye!’  Koala sounded surprised!  I should’ve known then.  My opinion mattered.. Of course it mattered, I convinced myself.

What I don’t know I could learn.  I could impress her.  I can take pictures but I could learn from Koala!  I could be the person in a landscape for her someday!!  I could take a picture of her!!  Oh this is really going to be an adventure... I’m going to write it down..

Let the first adventure begin with  'A holiday in Arran'.... read here