‘Our hearts are in the highlands’

Wherever I wander, wherever I rove, the hills of the Highlands forever I love…

~ Robert Burns

The misty glens, the rugged mountains, the stunning lochs, magical forests and spectacular beaches. The freedom and presence that feels like home. This is where WE TRULY BELONG! It is in this environment, that we want to create beautiful photographs of you that you will treasure forever! Our passion is sharing and creating images that will leave a lasting impression and evoke a positive emotion for many years to come.

We are Kristy and Richard, and we want to share our journey with you…



Kristy Ashton

Hi, I’ Kristy…. or some may call me the Koala! That’s because I was born in Australia and social media gave me the tag…! When I moved to Scotland, I realised that I had taken the sun and lifestyle for granted, and missed home. Then I picked up a camera and began to explore this wild and rugged landscape on my doorstep. It took my breath away and the way that I looked at the world had new meaning. Scotland made me want to paint my own picture and express how I felt. This was a world I needed to share...in a whimsical kinda way of course! I am passionate about creating emotive images that inspire and tell a story…. and I would love to share that story with you.


Richard Jackson

Hi, I’m Richard. I am a proud Yorkshireman, born in Leeds and grew up in the Military. The Highlands have alway been a place of inspiration for me and I have been lucky to call Scotland my home for over 20 years. I thrive in the Mountains and am in my element… here, I can breathe. Thankfully my experience has prepared me to be able to ‘look after’ the Koala.. I carry the tripod, hold the reflector, drive the truck and make the coffee! I guess I pretty much do everything else ...well apart from press the camera button... sorry.. shutter! Most importantly though, I ensure that the clients have everything they need.. to survive an ‘animated Koala’ and enjoy the adventure with us. I absolutely love to share the experience and drama of the Scottish landscape with our clients. To hang out with friends in a place that we call home.

Escape | Experience | Explore

‘ Get lost in nature and you will find yourself’ .

We are lovers of Scotland, with its spectacular landscapes and magical legends. We want to give our clients the best possible highland experience, while creating images and memories that will last for a lifetime.

Real people, in real landscapes.

Whimsical Escape

Portrait Session

Escape on a whimsical journey into the beautiful nature of Scotland. A booking with us will be a once in a lifetime adventure, completely tailored to your personality and wishes. This could be a perfect occasion for getting epic photos of you and your partner or with a friend or family member. You can explore an imaginary character or simply to have your photo taken in a majestic landscape.

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Romantic Experience

Couple Portrait Session

Experience the Highlands in an Outlander inspired shoot where we roam the hills and focus on creating a sense of timeless romance that is befitting to this amazing landscape. This experience is suited to couples who may want to propose or announce an engagement, celebrate an anniversary or maybe to capture magical images in their wedding attire that maybe wasn’t possible on the day.

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Highland Explore

Day Tour | Bring your camera

Explore with us through either magical Perthshire or the heart of Glencoe. A whimsical landscapade, discovering new angles, composition and light. Helping you make the most of the highlands in your pictures. You should be well familiar with your camera, but ready to learn more about landscape photography, in a beautiful setting…

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For all other enquiries including commercial shoots and small outdoor weddings please contact us directly for a personalised quote.